Why do we do it?

At Figure First fitness our goal is to help more people in becoming fitter, healthier, more knowledgeable and confident. We believe many people don’t want to become top athletes, or become top bodybuilders. We are here to help ordinary people meet their goals. This may be through weight loss, muscle gain or just nutrition. Contact us to see how we can help you.
Figure First Fitness was set up as a personal training business. Our aim is to cut through the huge amount of information out there and to simplify it for everyone.

What we do?

We train people in their homes, or outside in parks, their gardens or an open space.
Everyone is trained differently depending on the person as each client receives a personalised workout and programme.
Different equipment will be used including: kettlebells dumbbells,bodyweight exercises and variations of interval training.
We speak to the client in a consultation, build up our knowledge of the clients goals and create a programme focused on that.
We make sure to listen to our clients as to avoid exercises that may affect injuries or that makes them feel uncomfortable doing.

Who can we help?

We at Figure First Fitness try and help as many people as we can!
We can help people that are overweight, looking to build muscle, trying to improve fitness, build confidence and improve health.
This is regardless of age and gender as we believe everyone can be helped with fitness and nutrition in some way.

So if that includes you, fantastic!! Contact us as soon as you can 🙂

Who are we?

We are a small company with our main Personal trainer being Stephen.

Stephen has spent the last 5 years building up his knowledge in sport and fitness.
He believes personal training is all about the client and what their goals are. To many personal trainers are more concerned about how they look and their workouts, which they then make their clients do without really aligning them to the clients goals.
Stephen is very focused on his clients reaching their goals and building up their confidence in the fitness industry.
He created Figure First Fitness to help normal people reach their goals.
He spends most of his time learning new skills and updating his knowledge to help his clients more efficiently.

Fitness is important to our health and our wellbeing. It would be nice to be in a world where people don’t judge others on how they look, but when I look at the fitness industry everyone has different reasons for starting on their journey, whatever your reason is be assured i will help, offer advice and train you so you can get to YOUR goals.