What and who is stopping you reach your fitness/health goals?


What's stopping you?
Motivated? Nope, nor am I.

Here we are, staring outside at the gloomy weather. It makes being motivated to work out or do anything after work a challenge.
Does that make us lazy? Nahhhh, well possibly, not sure?? What’s stopping you?

This time of year is it tough for you to motivate yourself?
To start something new?

January has come and gone. So back to the slog of work and no play!
Sitting in front of a TV or computer right now? I don’t blame you!

Have a think about fitness, exercise and nutrition. When was the last time you didn’t give in to the easy way out?
Telling yourself you will work out today after work, after taking the kids to school, getting home and thinking naaah to tired or to busy.

Sure my job is to help you feel motivated and help you with your fitness and nutrition needs but who is accountable for your actions?

Who is stopping you?

After everything the only person that you have to answer to is……. yourself. (massive surprise right?)

Yeah I get it, its not easy, I managed to spend a majority of my teens and 20’s sitting on my butt everyday in front of a computer. Not finding the will to go and exercise, finding all the excuses to not workout. My brain was ingenious at finding reasons to not do anything.
Whats that go outside? Nope. I think at that point in time my family honestly thought I was some kind of vampire. The sun its burrrrns!

Being able to ignore the excuses your brain gives you, or to change and make exercise is a habit, is never easy.

You must hold yourself accountable though! Its your brain thats stopping you, not me, not your work colleagues, family, just you thats it.

Now don’t get me wrong I know its sooooo much easier if you have a good support system from your friends and family.
If they are willing to help, with your goals then yaaaaaaay!!!

Support at figure first fitness
Who can support you?

It can be tough to get them on board though, so you must start with yourself!
So what is stopping you reach your fitness goals? You.

Yes your situation maybe incredibly tough to deal with, you might have loooads going on.

How are you different from anyone else?

What differentiates you and people that are working at their fitness goals? Well everyone is unique, just like everyone else! But on a serious note, they don’t give up on themselves, even if sometimes they have to take a step back, or one day they eat a whole cake.
They realise what they have done, say to themselves okay next time I will be better than that. They improve small habits at a time.

One example as simple as it is, could be reducing the amount of sugar you have in your coffee/tea. Try going for a 10-15 minute walk on your lunch break? It only needs to be a small change to start making that difference.

What’s stopping you?

Now think about all the reasons you have to not workout, write a list each time you find yourself thinking naaaah. Whats stopped you this time? How can you manage to get around that excuse?

Are you just holding yourself back because of fear? Fear of failure? Fear of starting something new? change?

Now this may resonate with you, however it can take a long time to make that change permanent so keep trying, keep making sure you know what and who is stopping you reach your fitness goals.

If you need support, or unsure where to start. Message us! On Facebook, through email at: info@figurefirstfitness.com or phone which is on our Facebook page.


5 Weight loss tips

Yeah I know, it’s been done to death but I thought as I’m focused on a nutrition diploma at the moment I would pass on some information. Not necessarily food related although most of it. There are plenty more weight loss tips out there!

Okay without further ado my 5 weight loss tips:

1.Eat Breakfast.

Breakfast smile
Breakfast is important.

Seriously I cannot stress this enough! If you don’t eat breakfast, odds are you will end up snacking more throughout the day.
Having a breakfast means you will give yourself some much needed energy.
A lot of people end up snacking or just eat high sugar things in the morning which can send your blood sugar spiking. You are more likely to then crash energy wise. Also find yourself hungry and want to eat something else, which is again high in sugar.

2.Be more active

This could simply be a 20 minute walk per day or maybe 10mins a day of intense exercise, even possibly HIIT training(high intensity interval training).
The more active you are the more calories you will burn. That activity can simply walking to the shops, walking your children to school, walking on your lunch break, going to the gym for 30mins all are good ways to burn more.
I’m sure everyone knows this but it’s tough to get started. This is where we can help you at Figure First Fitness.

3.Do an exercise or sport you enjoy.

I know this seems a bit cliché but so many do exercise because they have to do it or feel they need to do it, not because they enjoy it.
There are soooo many different types of exercise and sport out there.
If you find an exercise you like then you would be more likely to stick with it.
Now don’t get me wrong some sports have hardly any movement in, but you may find yourself more inclined to get fitter to be better at that sport.

4.Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.

health foods figure first fitness
Fruit and Vegetables are low in calories

Yes we have all heard this one before!
However that doesn’t make it any less useful. Fruit and veg are low in calories and fat. What they are high in is fibre, vitamins and minerals, all of which can help our bodies.
Some countries have really high amounts of fruit and veg, our recommended amount in the UK varies but 5 are usually seen as acceptable.
So when you want a snack, maybe swap the unhealthy snack for a piece of fruit.
Alternatively when you have dinner at night cook a few pieces of vegetables, carrots, peas, sweet corn, broccoli or other vegetables.

5.Drink more water.

This may seem like an odd one however most people don’t drink enough during the day.
I would always try and aim between 2 and 4 litres.
Water is healthy, contains no calories, contains no sugar and is cheap.
Sometimes we may find ourselves thinking we are hungry when actually we are thirsty so always drink water when you feel like that. It may help to stop yourself snacking.
There are many reasons why to drink water and to make sure you are hydrated. I am not going to list them all because let’s be honest it’s pretty likely you would get bored. I am sure I will write a blog that lists the benefits of drinking water at some point.

To round up losing weight is never that easy, certainly sticking to it. With fad diets and people telling you that you can change your body in just 6 weeks, they make it sound so easy when realistically it’s a challenge and a journey. If you start with these weight loss tips then you are on the right track.
If you would like more information or ways to start training please either contact us on the site or on Facebook.

Don’t worry about past mistakes, just focus on making small workable decisions to keep yourself healthy.


Time for excuses?

It’s coming the end of January!
I have the fortune to have just been a way to the Cotswolds. I got thinking while I was away, I have plenty of excuses to not workout, to take the easy way, to eat everything I wanted and to ignore my health for a week.
This holiday could have been one for all of those excuses; however I managed to make decisions every day to be proud of.
It’s not huge decisions that helped me, it was simple small decisions for example: Instead of not doing any exercise I managed to fit in 80 press ups a day.

This may not seem like a lot, or it may even seem loads. It took me less than 10 minutes to do that each day. Who can safely say in their day to day life they don’t have 10-20 minutes free at any point? Yes if you have children, work and other commitments it’s going to be incredibly hard but it’s manageable.

Let’s start with using 20 minutes of our lunch break to go for a walk? In the morning, walk your children to school and jog back, during the day at work get up and rather than send an email go and walk to the person if you can.

Its fine me saying that but my point is the fact that people in fitness still deal with the same barriers, excuses and lack of motivation same as anyone else. Quite often you will find they will have their own system to try and eat healthier or to fit in 15mins of fitness. They will try and fit it in their life.
It’s not about motivation, it’s about changing your life small steps at a time. Don’t give in to the excuses but likewise don’t try and rule your life so strictly that you have no fun and can’t enjoy the finer things in life.

Change your life with small decisions at a time, don’t compare yourself to others but likewise know that everyone goes through it, even people that seem fitter than you or you think look fantastic. Whatever the case they will have been there and they will have made a small decision. It would never be I’m going to change my life all at the same time, it doesn’t happen! Did you learn your spoken language all in one day? No it took years to master and fitness is no different.

So the end of January keep going, keep making small good decisions, keep trying to improve your health fitness and if you do fall down just know you can get back up and keep going.


Ok for those of you who have started a new exercise routine/program lets have a look at why it isn’t making any difference to your weight!

So weight is a simple method of seeing progress, but is it accurate? Is our weight important when measuring success?

When you first start training, whatever you’re training, you will burn calories and build muscle.
Now don’t get me wrong, you may not be able to see the muscle or a difference in your body.
It doesn’t mean it’s not happening it takes time!!!
One point I would like to make is that muscle is denser than fat therefore more fits in the same place so in theory would add weight.Another reason why, is your body could hold onto more water or you have just eaten so still hasn’t digested the food so you may be disappointed by the fact the scales say your weight has gone up.
This would mean using scales that just show bodyweight is never going to be that accurate when you start working out. If you have scales that show body fat percentage that may help but also picking the same time to weigh yourself may also help.

Probably the best way to get accurate weight loss is to use a tape measure.
This can be the best way as you will see results, get someone else to measure you if you can as it will be a bit more accurate. Use a tape measure that doesn’t stretch.
There are several areas to measure, your waist, stomach, chest, hips, thighs and arms. Try to measure these areas every 1 month- 6 weeks to see if your body is changing. We see our own body’s everyday so it may take us longer to see the change.

You can also break this down to smart format or in easier terms, a goal. For example: lose 2 cms off of my stomach in 6 weeks. Simple but can be effective.
There are other ways to measure success which we will go over another time so harder than others!

Conclusion: There are better and more accurate ways to measure results in fitness than just weighing yourself. So don’t be disappointed if the scales don’t show any improvement or if your weight goes up. Try and make a specific goal with measurements so you see results.


Happy New Year everyone!

At Figure First Fitness we like to make things simple to follow. So here’s a hand!
In this brief blog we are just going to list a few terms in exercise that you may have heard or are unsure of what they are.
Cardiovascular training: is any exercise that raises your heart rate.

Types of Cardio training:

LSD: Long slow distance, it involves covering a relatively long distance at a slow and comfortable pace. (Incidentally one of the funnier names for cardio)
Interval: A timed interval of exercise. (1min working hard and then 2 mins at a slower pace)
HIIT: High intensity interval training, periods of hard work followed by brief periods of recovery or rest. (10-30seconds very hard 90-100% exercise followed by a 10-30second rest)
Tabata: Although a form of HIIT training it is done slightly differently and been given its own name! (You would do the same exercise for 20 seconds then rest for 10 but do it 8 times in a row. )
Fartlek: Swedish meaning speed play, so rather than timed intervals you change tempo at different points. (walk, jog run, jog, sprint, walk, sprint, jog varying pace quite often. Probably my favorite sounding cardio)

Cardio time
Cardio. Time for a bit of running?

Terms used in weight training:

Weight training: Lifting heavy objects in a specific way multiple times.
(bit of a simplification but it helps build muscle and burn fat)

Sets: Sets refers to how many times you will repeat that exercise for the set number of reps.
(example: 3 sets of 12 reps of a squat)
Reps: Repetition. It is the number of times you do the same movement in a set.
Superset: Back to back exercise with no rest until both exercise are finished.
(example:Bicep curl x12, Tricep Extension x 12 then rest for 1min)
Circuit: is a bit of both cardio and weight training. It is a serious of exercise in a row on different parts of the body and then rest at the end. A lot of classes follow this method.

Squirrel lifting
Weight lifting at its finest!

There are more methods in weight/cardio training which will be listed at a later time but for those of you who are new to fitness I hope this helps you understand some of the methods of training.
If you have any questions or want to know more please either leave a comment on this blog, use our contact page or contact us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/figurefirstfitness

Till the next time- Train hard but always remember why you started!


Okay so we have just had Christmas , now here comes the new year!

How did we all manage over Christmas ? Eat everything in sight? or took it nice and slowly, ate what we needed?
Whatever the case, whichever fits you the best it doesn’t matter!
Feeling guilty about what we have eaten tends to leave us in a spiral of feeling bad about eating and then eating more which can lead to serious health issues.
Our suggestion would always be look to improve. Each time we eat we should look at what we could improve on next time, that could be a smaller portion size, take longer to eat your food so you know when you are full, change some of it to a healthier alternative, prepare it better, use as little processed food as possible, add more vegetables and fruit.
All of the points are above can help towards a healthier diet and in the long run would create those habits we love so much here!
For an example say you eat a processed microwavable meal every day start by creating something basic on your day off it could be something as simple as chicken and rice. There are plenty of simple cookbooks out there, some of the best under the guise of student cookbooks.
If you want a healthy fit body it doesn’t happen overnight but a healthy diet is 70-80% of the battle, add in exercise and you will be working towards the body or health and fitness that you want.

Could I waffle on about this subject lots? Yes, yes I could however I like to keep these messages short and sweet. I know how it feels to read a mountain of text and get bored half way through an article! So I will always try and keep the message in these blogs short and sweet! Especially this time of year.
I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and will enjoy the New year. Try and focus on little changes that you can do right away!


A question you may well ask yourself in January. Should I have a Personal trainer?

It’s a valid question, if you join up to the gym what do you get? Apart from a crazy induction/admin fee?

Well usually you get a generic programme that anyone could use, you are shown briefly how to use the equipment and then you are left to it. Do you know how to use the equipment that may just look like torture racks?

Should I have a Personal trainer
Don”t know what you are supposed to be doing at the gym?

Do you feel foolish using it like everyone is staring at you? What about feeling embarrassed or intimidated by the people in the gym?

Well a Personal trainer can take you away from all that, you can work out in a place that’s comfortable for you, at home, at a local park, local hall or even in the gym with the PT.
Personal training services are a lot more defined than generic gyms. They are there for you!

They can talk to you and build a tailored programme with your input. They will talk you through each movement, show you how it’s meant to look, why you would want to do it and give you the correct exercises towards your goal. At each stage making sure you are okay with what’s being asked of you.
PT’s at Figure First Fitness can also offer you nutritional advice and help you with motivation and pushing you on. We realise that everyone has their own lives and their own reasons for trying fitness.
Everyone receives tailored information to them. This also can be seen as life help as nutrition and fitness are a massive part of staying healthy. The aim is to give you the knowledge so you can do it on your own, have the confidence to do it, feel better about yourself, help you succeed and not make you feel guilty for every chocolate bar or pack of crisps you eat.
We try and create habits in our clients as mentioned in our previous blog so when they don’t require our services anymore they can go away and manage by themselves to stay fit and healthy.
Figure First fitness also understands that you would buy the trainer, rather than just the training. This means that our trainers need to have fantastic communication skills and come across in the right way. Our trainers are friendly, helpful and do not discriminate.
In the near future we will be looking at also adding in social activities for our clients so they can meet similar people to them with similar goals.

Should I have a Personal trainer? Only you can answer that, but in the long run it will give you the knowledge and confidence to work out on your own at home or the gym.

Fitness is a journey so please let’s start this journey together!!

Do you get those days where you just can’t be bothered to do anything? For example its after new year’s and your resolution was to go to the gym more regularly or exercise more regularly and already you can’t be bothered to do it?

In January there is always an influx of people to gyms and by March its back to normal. A huge amount of people don’t stick with it at all. Is it simply because we can’t be bothered? Do we start putting things in our own way, coming up with excuses not to bother today?

Well everyone probably goes through this at some stage!
It’s slightly different because everyone has their own lives and own commitments.
Everyone goes into fitness allll guns blazing!
“Right I’m going 5 days a week, getting a Personal trainer twice a week, going swimming twice a week and eating super healthy.”
This lasts all of a month, why?
Well I would say it’s too much to quickly, try starting slowly you want to build up a habit of going to the gym, once or twice a week or a PT session a week and see how it goes.

The same can be said for eating healthy, it’s unlikely you are going to throw a whole year or mores eating habits out of the window just like that!
Start slowly with this too, try and swap unhealthy snacks for healthy options or if you snack at night while watching TV don’t have the snacks in your house.

health foods figure first fitness
Healthy fruit and vegetables allll the time?

Do we really want to eat just this for the entire month? I don't thinkkk so!

Simple things can create a big change in your life.

Exercising or going to the gym once a week before work or at the weekend, you may actually find you become more productive the rest of that day and it will start to create a habit.
To make a habit stick or to actually see any difference in your body it can take 3 months to a year.
Consistence is key!!!

Just one last note before I leave you, motivation is a tricky thing, it won’t keep you doing that exercise or eating healthy all on its own. Have a think, specifically what would you like your goals to be next year?


Oh look another fitness blog!!

Okay, so why have I decided to add another Fitness blog to the millions already out there?

My reasoning is as a trained Personal trainer, there is waaaaaayyyy to much information out there.
Whether that be the all mighty Internet, books, pt’s or even random people. Everyone seems to want to sell you something or confuse you with mindless amounts of information that we simply cannot absorb.

Fitness overload
Too much information on fitness

So if I am getting overloaded with information, what about you? There is a new diet every few months that everyone wants you to follow, or this is the best exercise for you ever. Not to disagree to a massive extent but HOW WOULD THEY KNOW what works for you? Everyone is different, that’s why there is so much information. Different people have had different things work for them. Who says you are the same as them?
My aim of my blog is to bring you the power of knowledge that cuts through the crap!

figure first fitness knowledge is power
knowledge is power with fitness

To avoid technically terms, or if used to explain what that technical term is. My goal is to help you to make sense of it all, to be able to stay motivated and to give you realistic goals as to what’s achievable.
I would aim to improve your confidence with working out and eating, so if you do already go to the gym then FANTASTIC if however you don’t then I would like to get you to the point where you aren’t intimidated by the people already there! This can come in many forms whether that be the evil looks, the staring, the laughing the I’M SO BIG I’LL WALK AROUND LIKE I OWN THE PLACE. As I like to call them the douchisms of the gym. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being friendly in the gym or to helping people out and believe me there are many people that are, I would much prefer our culture in the gym to be friendly than the good old “meathead” approach.

I have had so many people come to me asking me about the newest workout or diet and I see my job as learning all about them so I can give a clear guidelines for you to follow and to explain the do’s and don’ts of these exercises.
I hope you are keen to get started, progress and have enjoyed reading my first Fitness blog wooooo!! 

Feel free to ask me any questions either send me an email at info@figurefirstfitness.com or the contact form on www.figurefirstfitness.com/contact